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Nana Cunha - fashion enthusiast, creative director of my life, usually overdressed and overfun! Call me a shot of vodka but never an influencerzzz!

Happy Anniversary, Hubbyzilla!

Nana's Journal

Happy Anniversary, Hubbyzilla!

Nana Cunha

On May 27 we celebrated 10 years of marriage!!! I'm still not sure how we got here... hahahahaha! We survived 3 daughters, 3 cities, 3 houses, 3 different careers (mine, of course!) and countless happy (and a few not so happy) moments! But at the end, to look back and see how much we accomplished together is really amazing! I can totally say that my love for him has grown over the years and my level of respect too! I mean, how can you not love someone that "checks in" to all of your craziness, that says "yes" to 3 kids (number 4 is still on the agenda) and loved you even when YOU didn't love yourself, tell me??? People say I'm lucky, and I totally agree...hahahahahaha!

When he's asked if he does any kind of extreme sport, he always answers "yes, I married Mariana"... hahahahahaha!

I know I'm almost a month late with this post... Only the strongest survive my inability of keeping a schedule, remembering that it exists and following it... hahahahaha!

I promise to stick to fashion in the following posts (no more cheesy Zilla love stories) !!!

Restaurant - Del Posto
Dessert - The best Apple pie ever!!!!!!
Dress - Michael Kors (sold out) similar style
Belt - Moschino
Bag - Valentino
Earrings - Dior
Gift - yes, I'm a lucky girl and yes he has the most beautiful signature in the world (I love it  so much that I tattooed on my foot...zillices...hahahahaha)