Skirt Bubbles - Wymann

Skirt Bubbles - Wymann


Skirt in elastane, with an exclusive print in shades of beige and pink. Elastic waistband. Front detail. Asymmetric hemline.

Fits the body and wears well all kinds of shapes.

Composition 86% Polyester 14% Elastane

  • Size 1: Waist: 58cm/22.8" - Hips: 66cm/25.9"- Length: 85cm/33.46"
  • Size 2: Waist: 62cm/24.4" - Hip: 70cm/27.5" - Length: 87cm/34.2
  • Size 3: Waist: 66cm/25.9" - Hips: 74cm/29.1" - Length: 90cm/35.4".
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Wymann - a brand with the philosophy "ready to wear" rooted in Rio de Janeiro. The "tropical minimalism" style is defined by the versatile and sophisticated design. A symbiosis between the Carioca lifestyle and the uncomplicated European air, which gives space for expression of the individuality of each woman. The brand has existed since 2014 and features the creative direction of the Spanish-American Raquel Wymann and the Executive Direction of Daniela Bechara