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The Private Apple is a Manhattan e-boutique and personal styling company offering the best of Brazilian and Latin American contemporary high fashion, curated by Nana Cunha and Paula Gartenkraut.



Nana Cunha creates private shopping experiences with selected brands in Manhattan such as Burberry Flagship Store, Bergdorf Goodman, Mayet, Moncler, Carolina Herrera, Uma |Raquel Davidowicz, Khirma New York among others.

These events are great opportunities for customers to be in close contact with the brand, the designers, to meet existing and new friends, engage in great conversation and network, all while getting fashion advice from Nana Cunha herself.

For the brands, it's a unique occasion to be very close and learn from its customers.

Check our past events here, and subscribe below to be invited for the next ones.

Nana Cunha The Private Apple pre sale event Burberry NY